Project Management at Gray Routes

I am in the business of creating and deploying innovation in some very stable yet rapidly evolving industries – FMCG, logistics, and transportation.

The online version of FMCG or as we know it in its Web 2.0 avatar, e-Commerce is getting cluttered as we speak, and requires continuous firm-wide innovation in order to survive.

However, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, which is the traditional offline version of the same has been surviving and growing for over a century now. At Gray Routes, we are thinning the boundaries between the traditional and the modern, the online and offline, the sales and the technology realms, and in doing so creating and transferring the best practices of each domain to the other.

If you want to be part of a thought-leading startup in the FMCG space with an envious clientele, here is your opportunity. Get in touch soon!

You can apply for Project Management internship roles here.