Clever marketing with social-integration

I’ve been following Tradebriefs FMCG/Retail newsletter since 2011 some time into my National Project Manager role at HUL, long after Sreekumar had identified FMCG newsgroup as a meaningful pain point in 2008.
2 years hence, he’s featured in 500 Startups, and ETRetail is out with its me-too competitive offering for this new digital-age “commodity”.

Innovation will be key in competing in this space, and this is where I feel Sreekumar does a really smart job.

Case in point, being the “Recent subscribers” section on the homepage, which he’s managed through leveraging Linkedin.

Imagine ETRetail doing the same – trying to get users to log on to ET/Times portal or create a Linkedin group and start all over!
Linkedin user base has provided him a clear winning strategic asset from Day 0, which should help him keep the biggies at bay !

TradeBriefs FMCG key users
TradeBriefs FMCG key users