Winter beckons …

Winter is the season for passionate people ! Why so? It is easy to shine

Winter Sun

through in all your endeavours if you are goaded by an internal fire to do something remarkable despite harshness of or induced laziness from external conditions.

So, while the rest of the community takes in the cool evening breeze, and slumbers away the mornings under layers of their choicest wool, it is time for those few passionate and analytical minds to make hay even when the sun shies away !

Winter is the time for festivities, for family, and for friends. Celebrations rule the roost, and work takes a backseat for most.
Au contraire, it is also a time when growth plans for next year are taking seed, when all hard work shines through easily, and gives the diligent worker the definite edge to begin next year with a headstart.

What makes it further interesting is the fact that days are shorter than ever, and the dichotomy wider than ever !

Eager to see the Winter Internship batch at Gray Routes make the most of their time in the Sun: