Disruptivating Motivation

I love the concept of disruptive innovation, so much so that I have decided to coin a moniker “Disruptivation” for it. Well, its actually used on and off by some people, though its still not a word as per Oxford dictionary. I thought the word was catchy, as it not only effectively suggested both the component words – disruptive, something that is outlandishly and weirdly different, and innovation, something that is composed of already available things yet useful in a novel way – but was also rhyming with motivation, another one of my fav words.

Motivation – Everyone needs it

I am of the firm view that it is mandatory to be motivated internally in whatever task you pick up, if you want to do it well. This is opposed to the counter-belief that several industries like financial services especially investment banking are founded on – “external motivation can prove to be equally effective”. Not trying to point out the devil here, but the aforesaid is an example of an industry that thrives on hiding truths from gullible consumers/customers due to vested monetary interests of a few rich men. Then there are those industries, that do very much the same to a wider set of gullible consumers, but keeping in mind the vested monetary interests of a very large shareholder base.

In case it wasn’t clear which industry the second example above was referring to – I was talking about the marketing arm of consumer goods firms, who mix and match packaging elements to create that mesmerizing Zeroeth Moment of Truth for which they can charge double/triple the price for effectively the same set of chemicals Eg. Cadbury Silk which is essentially the same mixture with a 1-2 degrees lower melting point, or Ponds Age Miracle which is barely different from the F & Lovely creams that are priced at a fraction.

What then is an industry that will give you an opportunity to work for some cause or purpose for which you can be internally motivated. To understand the answer, we need to understand that the purpose of life is to make the world a better place. We can do so by creating better ways of doing mundane jobs, making them more interesting, easier, and faster, so that people can then focus on doing higher quality tasks, that merit better livelihoods. Case in point is last mile logistics – developing innovative tools and solutions that intelligently automate deliveries, customer mapping, pricing and shopping activities, giving consumers, retailers, sales reps, all common people more time and energy to enjoy and earn rights to a happier life – finally ridden of all daily planning and supervisory issues. To give you an example of what is disruptive innovation, consider what the biggest MNCs today consider as innovative features and services – Eg. TrackDart by Blue Dart – a mere search box on each page for tracking courier packages ! Thats ridiculously pointless … at Gray Routes, we have created image processing algorithms in our Retail ERP solution that can analyze images to separate out relevant portions, split every invoice into its components and analyze and index them  separately, now that is intelligent automation which is disruptive !

To all the new joinees from campuses across the country – Welcome to Gray Routes ! A happy family of sorts that works diligently on solutions that create meaningful energy, save valuable human and fuel resources, organize world’s information, and get better value products to more people in an Earth-friendly way:

GrayDrop – saving human and fuel resources while making daily work routes safer and quicker

GeoVitas – Scientifically organizing world’s information visually as well as geographically, all at once

GoStocky – Getting better value products to more people and vendors in a paper-less way

and many more to come …

I believe “commitment” is the process of internalizing all motivation that is external, and making it a part of your internal motivation framework. Take this external motivation from me – that what you do will possibly save lives, improve livelihoods and increase access to better products, facilities and infrastructure; and make it a part of your internal energy. Become “committed” to the purpose, as it is a damn good purpose to live by.

Motivation ain’t as easy as looking at a beautiful poster !