Looking beyond Automating just the Sales Force

There’s a multi-billion dollar company that runs on automating the Sales Force, there’s several that run on moving the business processes online, there’s one that runs on automating document sharing, there’s one on automating finances, but there’s one leg of the Supply Chain in every modern firm that is dying for automation – the last mile delivery.
Its a crucial mile, that connects the customers to the products – the “essence” of marketing, as very correctly pointed out during an internal presentation at #GrayRoutes today.

How your products connect with each customer, how they are received by each customer, the issues that arise, the happiness that prevails, or the hassles that remain in returning bad choices – these are important levers to running profit-making sustainable businesses in the modern world.

E-Commerce works by hooking customers up with cool (or hot, as is the case with a few lingerie firms) products using a cool frontend and a not so cool backend – the regular last-mile courier companies – for whom the bread and butter is getting “packages” across.
It is important to understand that beyond mere “packages” lies the “Modern Product Experience” that comes from being able to add a personal touch to the mundane delivery process.
How do you make this mundane delivery step “Cool”. Taking it away from these mundane courier companies portends a likely approach.

DIY: Deliver It Yourself. Lots of billion dollar valued firms do it – try it for once. You won’t regret it. Its our promise – don’t just trust us, trust the valued brands and our customers whom we advise daily.

You can achieve this in a jiffy with Gray Routes’ novel creation GrayDrop – a unique end-to-end delivery automation solution, the World’s first Delivery Force Automation solution – plugs this HUGE gap in the Product experience matrix for modern and online retailers.

Unleashing a better world where the product experience doesn’t just end at the “PAY” button online, where a Vanity bag purchase experience continues into the shopper’s fingertips with the same TLC that a DOLCE & GABBANA retailer would hand it to her.

For GrayDrop enterprise adoption queries, please reach out on sales@grayroutes.in.

Launching Gray Routes Print Ad Contest, MOTO E up for grabs

Dear All,
                                    Warm Greetings from Gray Routes Innovative Distribution. 

Gray Routes Innovative Distribution presents “Gray Routes Print Ad Contest”, an opportunity for all students from various top colleges across India to create an innovative print ad for Gray Routes’ novel product GrayDrop and …

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GrayDrop Cloud ERP
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About GrayDrop:
GrayDrop is a Dynamic Routing Optimization Platform. A solution designed for developing markets catering to the specific needs of last mile product distribution. A solution providing services from Route Planning to GPS Route Navigation. It provides enterprises a smarter way to deliver their products to customers economically, timely, reliably and efficiently to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage in the market. With help of this solution, vehicles will be able to dispatch much larger product volumes and cater to more number of customer, running less number of miles resulting in cost savings.
Delivery IQ at your Fingertips !
Delivery IQ at your Fingertips !






About the Gray Routes Print Ad Contest:


Ensure that you capture the essence of GrayDrop product while making the print ad. The print ad must be innovative, creative and convey the value proposition of GrayDrop in small crisp sentences. Go crazy! Go creative!

Reference links:
GrayDrop: http://www.graydrop.com/
Gray Routes homepage: http://www.grayroutes.in/
Gray Routes Blog: http://grayroutesinnovativedistribution.wordpress.com/
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/gray-routes-innovative-distribution.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrayRoutesLtd
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/GrayRoutesPlease go through the rules carefully and feel free to contact any of the persons below for further queries and clarifications.

Register yourself here:



  1. Participants must Register their information in the registration form above to participate in Gray Routes Print Ad Contest. Participants have to create an innovative Print Ad for GrayDrop, a Cloud-based Delivery ERP solution for e-Commerce and Retail Logistics designed by Gray Routes Innovative Distribution. Kindly go through our website for more details about the product.
  2. The participants have to Email their submissions in PNG/JPG or equivalent formats titled “Name_CollegeName” to mail id hr@grayroutes.in” with subject“GrayDrop Print Ad contest”.
  3. The participants then have to Visit Gray Routes Twitter page and upload their entries by hash tagging Gray Routes (#GrayRoutes)
  4. All the updates about the contest will be posted on our Facebook page regularly. Please like the page in order to track your progress in the contest.
  5. The entries for the contest will be accepted till 5th June 2014 5 PM.
  6. All the qualifying entries will be uploaded on our Facebook page by 6th June 2014 11 AM and the participants will have 5 days to promote their entries to get maximum likes and shares. The promotion closes by 10th June 2014 11:59 PM.
  7. The winner will be announced on 14th June 2014.
  8. Evaluation:
  • 40% weightage to Judges’ evaluation
  • 60% weightage to Re-tweets/Shares and Favorites/Likes to the qualifying entry on Facebook and Twitter pages
 i. Each Re-tweet/Share on the Twitter/FB post will get 5 points, provided the participant Likes/Follows the FB/Twitter page.
ii. Each Favorite/Like on the Twitter/FB post will get 3 points, provided the participant Likes/Follows the FB/Twitter page.
For Queries, contact:
Dipak       : 8415922041
Karthick  : 8415921231
Swati       : 8415921271
Ritesh     : 8415922054

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