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GrayDrop disrupts GPS Tracking industry

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Mobility is changing product distribution fundamentally in ways like never before and it is disrupting all traditional ways of doing business. Traditional way has been that of preset beats that last mile workers like Sellers or Drivers follow like zombies irrespective of actual tasks, rather than following optimal dynamic routes, which would result in an obvious savings.

While working on a Unilever intrapreneurial project, Saubhagya Sahoo started investigating the possibility of a GPS-based dynamic route planning system, which could create optimal routes for several destinations and preferably for several drivers. “This was a complex challenge not solved by anyone before, and even if parts of the research (especially multi-destination planning) were Open-sourced by Google, there was not a single application or algorithm that solved the problem for enterprises as well as do this multi-destination-multi-driver planning. The end-user point of view was that nobody really knew enough to solve this age-old problem,” he said.

People know that deliveries were problematic, but no distributor bothered until the moment he realized that 41% of his distribution cost went into delivery related activities, and almost 80% of that was a black hole – with no data visibility. In terms of the impact on his margin or income, a distributor suddenly had a way of going for a 100% upside, besides long term benefits from superior customer service levels. So, even if the larger corporates didn’t grasp it at first, distributors, both offline as well as e-retailers that together made India’s trillion dollar retail market, would lap it up if we could somehow manufacture this solution.

This led Saubhagya to launch GrayDrop for Drivers, which is similar to what HUD and Black-box is to a Pilot. It provides a heads-up display with delivery status, drops, tasks, routes, road conditions, fuel points and ETA to the driver, while providing a real time Black-box like Analytics engine to owners and their customers to measure service efficiency, collections status, and dig-deep in case of non-compliance.

The technical solution of multi-destination multi-driver planning problem along with road hazard auto-detection and up to 20 other claims have been patented by Gray Routes, and all these 25+ High-end features are available to GrayDrop license users.


SuperMax Supply Chain Manager, CV Karthik, who happens to endorse GrayDrop, explains that the app has helped them in solving multiple critical problems with the same design – that of fleet owners managing and monitoring their delivery resources in real time, as well as that of operations managers planning last mile deliveries and measuring delivery compliance, besides providing damage and road condition alerts to drivers.

The app makes the entire delivery process for courier and e-retail companies easy by making Geocoding, Proof-of-delivery, signature, customer details, and reverse logistics paper-less, with absolutely no map-hunting or manual data-entry in back offices ever.

For logistics firms utilising motorcycles for deliveries, the app offers hardware controls and audio guidance for total ease of use on two-wheelers. For service-crazy and customer-oriented B2C businesses, GrayDrop offers a Uber-esque frontend solution that converts any B2C app into a high-end real time parcel or vehicle tracking gizmo with two-way communication abilities with the package.

graydrop app (1)


GrayDrop is used by drivers. It is available in two models – one affixed to the truck and owned by the truck owner in the form of a vehicle accessory, where the driver doesn’t have to interact with the app much, and the other as a driver aid where proof of delivery is more critical. With modern multi-axle trucks and buses rapidly replacing traditional models due to blue-chip compliances, and spiralling cost pressures, fleet owners consider this no-capex pay-as-you-go solution a boon.

Smartphones are increasingly becoming super-affordable, and with even sub-2K range phones capable of running GrayDrop, investment concerns are totally ruled out. Truck owners get their own smartphone application, using which they get complete real time analytics and remote management capabilities. And compared to expensive hardware GPS trackers or wi-fi beacons, a smartphone can be simply dropped off for repair at any neighbourhood repair shop, or simply replaced for one that works, without any complicated configuration change.


GrayDrop is currently sold through a direct sales force with a SaaS subscription model,and is in use by over 100 enterprise users across Mumbai & Odisha. “The response has been nothing but great, with customers coming out and appreciating the no-capex requirement and owner’s smartphone application the most. The pricing is also extremely lucrative at this point, given that the pricing is yet to be revised upwards despite high demand. Even after the significant price revision, GrayDrop will continue to give over 4x return on investment besides a long term impact on the service levels and sales for its users.”

Going ahead, the company plans to stick to this model for Enterprise sales, and releasing a consumer version of the application directed at Family & SOHO users on Play Store soon.

We believe that GrayDrop has the potential to completely revolutionise and overhaul the $28 Billion GPS Tracking industry, while pioneering the multi billion dollar Delivery Force Automation sector globally. It can potentially contribute to the self-driving car market as well – since it already solves several problems that self-driving car firmware researchers are pondering over.

Check out the app here. 

Gray Routes wins Award for Top 30 B2B startups in the country in IBM national event

In a majestic closing ceremony within IBM premises in IBM Innovation Center in Bangalore, Gray Routes was Awarded as Top 30 B2B Startups in the country.

Here is  the link where Gray Routes has been covered by the Media as the SmartCamp winners.



As the SmartCamp winners, Gray Routes wins attractive bouquet of prizes from SoftLayer (an IBM cloud computing provider) and other entities.

Founded by IIT KGP-IIM Ahmedabad alumni and ex-IIT Bombay startup leader with experience in Fortune 500 firms such as HUL, Nvidia and Google, Gray Routes is angel-funded by leading investors from The Carlyle Group, Qualcomm and Intel.

Its award-winning products transform SMEs way of working by streamlining delivery and sales logistics. Check out these products on and

Catch some snaps from the event here:

Gray Routes selected as one of the startups in IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets 2014

IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets 2014

IBM announced the list of startups eligible for showcasing their emerging market innovations in the reputed IEEE International Conference to be held in Bangalore.

Agenda for Day 2.

DAY 2: OCTOBER 16, 2014

09:00 to 09:15 Conference Introduction, Welcome by Conference Chairs and Technical Program Committee Chairs
Dr. Gopal Pingali, Dr. T. S. Mohan, Dr. D. Janakiram, Dr. Rajkumar Buyya

09:15 to 9:45 Conference Inauguration
Sri Ananth Kumar, Honorable Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India & Member of Parliament, South Bangalore Constituency

Bluemix: How IBM Has Embraced and Extended Cloud-Foundry to Create an Enterprise-Grade Platform as a Service
Steve Robinson, General Manager, Cloud Platform Services, IBM, USA

10:30 to 11:00 BREAK

11:00 to 13:00 INVITED TALKS

  1. Migrating to Cloud: Challenges and New Frontiers, Dr. Sanjoy Paul, Managing Director, Accenture Technology Labs, India
  2. Competing Globally by Leveraging Cloud Computing, Kathikeyan Rajasekharan, Technical Architect, Cloud Platform Asia, Google, Singapore
  3. Enabling New Customer Engagement Models with the Cloud, Ms. Nayaki Nayyar, Senior Vice President, Cloud Customer Business SAP, USA


14:15 to 15:15 ORAL PRESENTATIONS:

Cloudy with a Spot of Opportunity: Analysis of Spot-Priced VMs for Practical Job Scheduling
Vedsar Kushwaha, Indian Institute of SCience (IISc), India; and Yogesh Simmhan, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), India

Analyzing User Behavior Using KeyStroke Dynamics to Protect Cloud from Malicious Insiders
Mahesh Babu Bondada, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India; and Mary Saira BBhanu S., National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India

15:15 to 15:30 BREAK


Autonomic Characterization of Workloads Using Workload Fingerprinting
Rahul Khanna, Intel, United States; Mrittika Ganguli, Intel, India; Ananth Narayan, Intel, India Abhiram R, R.V College ofEngineering, Bangalore, India; and Piyush Gupta, National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, India

SLA-Aware Provisioning and Scheduling of Cloud Resources for Big Data Analytics
Mohammed Alrokayan,The University of Melbourne, Australia; Amir Vahid Dastjerdi, The University of Melbourne, Australia; and Rajkumar Buyya, The University of Melbourne, Australia

16:30 to 18:30 Start-up Showcase and Demo Session

Founder Bios

CEO / Co-Founder – Soubhagya Sahoo

An innovation-hungry inventor as well as persuasive authority on sales process with a solid educational background, and management experience obtained at world-leading companies such as Nvidia and HUL, Unilever. He’s held the World rank 9, and India Rank 1 in Sciences during college days at IIT Kharagpur, and believes in working hard 15 hours a day, consistency, process and product innovation and customer centricity. His communication style and expertise make him a clear favorite on campus talks

Soubhagya’s Invention and INR 18 Crores-worth deployment of Shakti Distribution Management System across 60,000 Shakti Ammas in Indian rural markets, while at HUL, was covered in most India dailies when Unilever CEO Paul Polman visited India and saw this Big Bet initiative and results:

The program was so successful that a similar program was initiated in Sri Lanka coincidentally after his name, and so far 2000 “Saubhagya” entrepreneurs have shifted to the DMS way of working:

COO / Co-Founder – Sapna Patel

An action-hungry startup leader with past Business Development leadership experience in Google and IIT-Powai startup InOpen, where she single-handedly closed challenging deals for InOpen with Mumbai’s leading schools during her tenure. She organized the first and only Google EdTech conference in India through her persuasiveness and confidence. The founders know each other from school days as they belonged to the same city, and have been collaborating and contributing to each others’ career paths over the years.

Rohit Agarwal / Manager, Worldwide Sales

Omkar Pimple

Gayatri Dixit

Kapil Modi

Kapil Modi is a Senior Associate with The Carlyle Group advising on growth capital opportunities across various sectors in India.  He is based in Mumbai. 

He has been with Carlyle since 2008 and has been involved in various investments such as Tirumala Milk Products, Visen Industries, Value & Budget Housing Corporation, South Indian Bank and Infotech Enterprises. 

Kapil received his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He was awarded the Gold Medal for academic excellence at IIM Ahmedabad. He received Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT Kharagpur. He was awarded Silver Medal for first rank in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Gray Routes is privately held and funded. For investment inquiries, contact

Sales Force Automation should be easier. Its no Rocket Science, or is it ?

EVER WONDER what differentiates a great product manufacturer from a good one or an average one?

Capital? Reputation? Product? Creativity?
Guessed any of the above, and you would be strongly refuted by an army of believers in product distribution.

Without the strength of data, visibility into sales, schemes, assortment, red lines, outlet targets, consumer buying patterns, and SKU or category micro-trends, any manufacturer stutters when it comes to demand estimation, stock planning, delivery planning, sales planning and operational pack planning, to name a few ERP processes.

Implementation is another ball game altogether, which requires a robust automation solution, that is somehow able to take all of these planned elements, and is able to present all the relevant and right items in an intuitive manner, right where it is required, to the right users. This solution should also allow the user to capture his inputs equally seamlessly, and provide visual insights and charts indicating his progress, so this user doesn’t have to go back to his office to be able to extract sense out of his hourly, daily, monthly or annual progress.

So why is this so difficult to get?
Supply? Vendor quality? Lack of appreciation of Indian smarts? Engineering Loopholes? High Capex? Long Downtimes? Non-lingual or missing tech support?

What if we told you that there was something that could do all of the above, and yet have none of the difficulties associated with it?

What if we told you that this was not coming from back-breaking expensive SAP or a US-based SalesForce firm with an awesome grammatically correct yet text-heavy interface, that all English-speaking users would learn to use quickly, maybe in a few months? By the way, what about your sales till they ramp up??

What if we told you that this was indigenously conceived, designed and developed by a bunch of Desi IIT engineers, IIM analysts, and a couple of senior industry folks with relevant distribution leadership and sales experience at HUL, or Unilever, and Google?

We’re sure you’ll be happy. That’s the happiness that Gray Routes has been seeing on the faces of its customers such as Proctor & Gamble, Vinay Switches, Pace Projects & Logistics, Festival Ice Creams, Nivea to name a few.

Trust the over 110+ brands that have been deployed this year over the valuable-yet-affordable GrayFOS Sales Force Automation platform, and are witnessing over 10x ROI in the first few months of implementation itself.

If you’re not convinced yet, you can always go for a demo before booking your trial installation.

After all, it doesn’t involve procuring Rockets, and neither is Sales Force Automation as complex as Rocket Science !

GrayFOS Sales iQ at Your Fingertips
GrayFOS automates your last mile sales tracking & analytics needs