Sales Force Mapping & Automation

SFA is passe. Millions of SMEs are struggling day in and day out to improve business processes and execution, and while all existing Sales Force Automation Solutions provide only the basic business process structure, process execution is where most SMEs and automation projects are stumbling.

Here’s a tip, which I pass regularly to all my consulting clients like P&G, GSK, ADF Foods whom I consult to regularly on a wide range of topics from real time execution, to distribution ERP, to cloud strategy, to DMS extensions, as well as geo-spatial insight generation:

SFA works to uncover gaps in business processes, but without mapping of coverage areas, of sales territories, of accurate PJP planning, of routes and dynamic beats, SFA fails miserably on most execution parameters. In the peak of technology adoption at India’s largest FMCG manufacturing and marketing firm, technology adoption spiked at 64-68% across most sales processes, if I were to leave the basic accounting and financial processes out from ERP/SFA implementations.

The world needs Sales Force Mapping & Automation, more than it does SFA. A tool that works around a DMS or existing ERP package, to not just structure processes, but equips your on ground and admin / MIS teams with life and business-saving tools such as powerful two-way communication mechanisms that trigger themselves, team coordination mechanisms that use location intelligence to alert troops on the field on dynamic requests nearby, schemes which are missing their targets, households that are being missed on established direct to consumer sales routes etc.

Sales Force Mapping & Automation

Thanks to a few emerging players such as Factual, MapAnything, GrayFOS for EU and India-focused enterprises in this hot new SaaS segment, several industry majors such as P&G, GSK, ADF Foods, RROPL are benefiting majorly and doubling their market shares with razor-edge execution on the field. Case studies for these firms are available on request.

SFMA is disrupting the FMCG, Retail, Pharma and Hyperlocal services space as we speak. It is time for the Sales Transformation teams of these industries to pick up a new workplan item – Sales Force Mapping & Automation for Workplace 3.0.

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